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Myth or Fact…Every 3,000 miles

I know we all can hear our local oil change provider commercials telling us to come in every 3,000 miles or we will hurt our engines and our environment. Well unless you are running a cast iron engine of old in your car or doing some serious harmful driving you have been wasting not only your money but good oil every time you follow this advice.

Wasting good oil has gotten to the point that California is actually running an ad campaign to stop people from changing their oil so often.  They have even set up a website so that you can check your vehicles individual requirements.  Though they only go with the low end of mid range driving styles.  So if you are easier on your vehicle, you can go longer (up to 10,ooo*), or do tons of stop and go with  lots of idling, go shorter (3,000* is it).  The best way to check for the best requirements is your owners manual, but that can be hard to understand too.  Going to the makers website is also a good way to search for this information, but searching for it may take a while.

In the end it is really your best guess, unless you are lucky enough to have a late model car that runs a program.  The program only does a best guess when to change your oil, as those that I’ve seen do not include a sensor in the engine.  Though it is more accurate then the average driver as  it runs all sorts of algorithms based on the way the vehicle is driven, which allows for changes in driving habits that is not included in the estimates given by the manufacture.

Keep in mind that these estimates are only for regular oil, if you use synthetic or partially synthetic, your numbers could be different.  You best bet is to find a competent mechanic that you feel comfortable with and discuss the best strategy for keeping your vehicle’s oil changes on track.  Or if you are mechanically inclined do your due diligence and become the expert yourself.

So in the end it seems that 3,000 miles as the correct time to change your oil is both myth and fact…..

*estimates are taken from the Ford website as that is the maker of my vehicle.  Be sure to check with your individual vehicles’ maker for accurate estimates.

Off Grid In the New Millenium

Now that we have all safely made it over a decade into the new millennium, at least those that are reading this have. It is time to look at what we really mean when we start spouting “Off Grid” in our everyday lives.  What qualifies and disqualifies those wishing to live the self-sufficient life.

Unfortunately for everyone it’s a toss up really.  It comes down to real intentions more then current actions.  As becoming totally self-sufficient in today’s world can take a lifetime to achieve. And that is only if you are lucky enough to live in a place where it is legally possible. Most communities have a fear, some may say justified, of those that do not conform to social norms of depending on the government, corporations, or even their communities to take care of modern day needs.  Or if it comes to it not “needing” modern day conveniences to live a self-fulfilling life. These fears are mostly born of misinformation and the real fear of being without what all those ads we see and hear tell us we need.

Luckily for those of us who have chosen to take control of our own needs, be it as simple as a potted tomato plant or as complicated as a homestead completely self-reliant, we have learned that the fruits of our own labors are much sweeter then buying the fruits of others. That is not to say that consumerism is bad, just that it should take second place to anything we can do ourselves.  To be able to look at a garden you planted and tended yourself and then to take the produce and eat and share it is an amazing feeling that cannot compare with even a five star restaurant in my eyes. The amazing ingenuity that I have seen and learned from in the the self-sufficient community has awed and humbled me more times then I can count.

“Off Grid” is a convenient term that I like to use for anyone who sees dependence for actual needs something to be weened from.  Weened because even those with wills of steel can be broken by completely changing modern day life and re-evaluating what the word “need” means and run back feeling guilty and weak. This is not so, and eventually they come back slower the next time and prouder of what “steps” they have achieved. Each step can take weeks, months or even years to become “normal” and that is great because you truly appreciate them as you incorporate them into your life.  My one advice to anyone wishing to take control of not only their needs but their waste is to be prepared for speed bumps, if not actual brick walls, to be placed in front of you and just keep taking it one day at a time.  The only finish line is in your head.

Had to Update Make It Right NOLA!

An update was definetly needed on our Team Home “The Eco Friendly Home“.  We have reached over $2000 in donations through our team home and we couldn’t be more humbled and proud at the same time.  When we started a team home all those months ago we were not sure if we would be able to make such a difference.  Of course now that we have we wish to make an even bigger one! So we invite all of you to continue to promote our team home by promoting our home to family and friends.  If you have a website or blog we invite you to copy the code for the banner above to make it easier for your visitors and readers to also contribute to The Eco Friendly Home. The banner is updated to reflect current contributions on a regular basis so you can keep watch on how much we as a team can raise.  Once again a big thanks to all your help in starting to make a dent in building a home for someone.  We would love it if we could complete a home!

Code For Banner:

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Change is A Coming

Most of you may have noticed that we have been silent as of late.  Don’t worry it’s not that we have stopped our campaign to make you more informed of how to get your life and home off the grid or even just more self-sufficient.  That is our goal in life.  If we can help at least one person to me more self-sufficient then we have a purpose.  So on that note we have been in talks with’s Nick Rosen about combining forces.

To be honest at first the idea was a little scary as that meant leaving The Off Grid Home but after some thought and trading emails the idea held more appeal.  Since going off the grid and being self-sufficient is becoming such a “trendy” thing for the masses to at least delve into more and more sites have been popping up.  Which means that even the best ones are losing readers and those hoping to make it because of their beliefs, and  not the belief in the “other green” (you know money!), are all writing for the same people.  That means less information is getting out, coverage maybe the same on sites, too much information strewn across different sites for readers to be able to visit them all, etc.

So in the hopes of combining forces and bringing information that complements each other together we are joining and will be continuing to write our blog within their site.  We will be forwarding traffic that is coming to The Off Grid Home to once the final switch is made.  We will be importing all our old articles so you can still use them for reference when needed.  All new posts will be made there. 

We hope you will join us over there and thank you for being such great readers for the last 8 months.  It has been a joy writing and running this site and we envision the new home of The Off Grid Home will be a great opportunity for growth.  You will see our new posts being written under the name Kelly Mead. So visit join their newsletter and visit me as often as possible at my soon to be new home